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Automatic Onion Dry Cleaning Machine

Automatic Onion Dry Cleaning Machine

The onion peeling washing machine boasts an automated peeling mechanism that efficiently removes onion skins with minimal wastage. This cutting-edge technology reduces manual labor and increases throughput.

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Introduction of the Onion Dry Cleaning Machine:

The RELIABLE company proudly presents its cutting-edge solution for efficient onion processing – the onion washer machine. Designed to revolutionize the onion peeling and washing process, this advanced machinery embodies reliability, precision, and enhanced productivity.


With the commitment to global food industry excellence, RELIABLE introduces a solution that streamlines the otherwise labor-intensive and time-consuming task of preparing onions for various culinary applications.

Features of the Onion Dry Cleaning Machine:

Automated Peeling Mechanism: The onion peeling cleaning machine boasts an automated peeling mechanism that efficiently removes onion skins with minimal wastage. This cutting-edge technology reduces manual labor and increases throughput.


Dual Washing System: Featuring a dual washing system, the machine ensures thorough cleaning of onions before peeling. This results in improved hygiene and reduces the risk of contaminants, meeting stringent food safety standards.

Adjustable Peeling Settings: The machine offers adjustable peeling settings to accommodate various onion sizes and types. This versatility ensures consistent results and reduces product loss.

Non-Damage Design: Equipped with gentle handling technology, the machine minimizes damage to the onion's delicate layers, preserving the product's integrity and quality throughout the process.


User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive control interface simplifies operation, making it easy for operators to monitor and adjust settings, track production progress, and address any potential issues.

Attention to Consider during Use:

Proper Pre-Cleaning: Ensure that onions are adequately pre-cleaned before introducing them to the machine. Large debris or excessive soil can compromise the peeling and washing process.

Regular Maintenance: Schedule routine maintenance to keep the machine in optimal condition. Regularly inspect and clean components prone to residue buildup, such as peeling blades and washing chambers.

Adjust Peeling Settings: Depending on onion varieties and sizes, adjust peeling settings for optimal results. Incorrect settings might lead to incomplete peeling or excessive wastage.

Washing and Peeling Machine

Monitoring Water Quality: Pay attention to the quality of water used for washing. Poor water quality can affect the cleanliness of the onions and potentially damage the machine over time.

Operator Training: Ensure that operators are well-trained in using the machine. Proper training reduces the likelihood of accidents and ensures efficient operation.


In the competitive landscape of global food machinery supply, RELIABLE's onion dry washer machine stands as a beacon of innovation, efficiency, and quality. With its automated peeling mechanism, dual washing system, adjustable settings, non-damage design, and user-friendly interface, this machine is not only a technological marvel but also a reliable solution for food businesses seeking enhanced productivity and streamlined onion processing.

By adhering to the outlined usage precautions, operators can maximize the machine's potential while delivering consistent, high-quality peeled and washed onions to meet the demands of the ever-evolving food industry.

Onion Cleaning Machine

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The Automatic Onion Cleaning Machine enhances efficiency, minimizes labor requirements, and ensures consistently clean and high-quality onions.

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