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Onion Powder Making Machine

Onion Powder Making Machine

Onion powder machine plays a crucial role in food processing plants and culinary businesses, providing a convenient and consistent way to obtain high-quality onion powder.

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Introduction of Onion Powder Making Machine:

The automatic onion powder machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for the efficient processing of onions into powdered form.


This machine is widely used in the food industry, especially in the production of various seasonings, instant soups, snack foods, and culinary applications where the flavor and aroma of onions are desired without the Bulk and perishability of fresh onions.

It plays a crucial role in onion processing plants and culinary businesses, providing a convenient and consistent way to obtain high-quality onion powder.

Working Principle of Onion Powder Machine:

a. Grinding: Fresh onions are fed into the machine's grinding chamber. Here, they come into contact with rotating blades or grinding discs. These sharp blades reduce the onions into fine particles.

b. Drying: After grinding, the onion particles are transported to a drying chamber. In this chamber, hot air is circulated to remove moisture from the onion particles. The drying process is carefully controlled to preserve the flavor and aroma of the onions.

c. Cooling and Collection: Once dried, the onion powder is cooled to room temperature to prevent condensation. It is then collected and stored in containers, ready for packaging and distribution.

Advantages of the Onion Powder Machine:

a. Consistency: The machine ensures uniform particle size and moisture content, resulting in consistent onion powder quality.

b. Extended Shelf Life: Onion powder has a longer shelf life compared to fresh onions, reducing food waste and increasing product longevity.

c. Aromatic Retention: The controlled drying process preserves the natural flavor and aroma of onions, making the powder an excellent seasoning.

d. Bulk Reduction: By converting fresh onions into powder form, the machine reduces storage and transportation costs.

e. Versatility: Onion powder produced by this machine can be used in a wide range of food products, enhancing the flavor profile of various dishes.

Stand-Alone Machines or in Automatic Production Lines:

Our onion powder processing machines are designed to be versatile and adaptable to different production needs. They can operate as stand-alone units for smaller businesses or integrate seamlessly into semi-automatic production lines for larger-scale operations. This flexibility allows manufacturers to optimize their production processes and meet varying demand levels efficiently.

Specification of the Onion Powder Machine:

Capacity(kg/h) 20-150 50-300 80-500 150-800 200-1200 300-1500 800-2000
Feed size 10 12 12 12 12 12 12
Fineness (mesh) 30-150 30-150 30-150 30-150 30-150 30-150 30-150
Weight(kg) 120 164 210 320 410 660 860
Spindle speed 5200 4600 4200 3570 2700 2000 2000
Power(V) 380/220 380 380 380 380 380 380


In summary, the onion powder equipment is a vital component in the food processing industry, providing consistency, extended shelf life, flavor retention, Bulk reduction, and versatility in seasoning and culinary applications.

Its working principle of grinding, drying, and cooling ensures the production of high-quality onion powder.

Whether used as a stand-alone machine or integrated into a onion production line, it contributes to efficient and cost-effective food production.

Onion Powder Machine

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